The effect of nicotine addiction that you will possibly have is the diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, coronary heart attack, stroke, respiratory illness, etc. Causal factor of those diseases are the toxic chemicals found in the cigarettes like: nicotine (the worst), arsenic, carbon monoxide, methanol, methane, acetic acid, butane, cadmium, stearic acid, toluene, ammonia, etc. All these chemicals inhaled through lung and spread in blood circulation. Are you aware of this illnesses ? Are you care about your health ? Then stop smoking right now.

If you already know that stop smoking shot is one of the treatment you should consider. Maybe you want to know “where I can get this aids ?”

Hopefully this information will help you a lot. We review them for you.

These are available clinics who provide or serve this program:

1.  AMI clinic

This clinic offers the program called The SMART™ Shot Scopolamine Mediated Anticholinergic Receptor Treatment. They use formula of scopolamine and atarax as medicine which injected in hip and shot in just one time. The SMART™ Shot does not use atropine (which can make your heart race) or the antipsychotic medication Thorazine (chlorpormazine). To continue nicotine blocking you will use scopolamine patch and medication taken orally for the next 2 weeks. They provide another assistant and support for patient to struggle with the physical withdrawal to smoke again and for the success to quitting. They’re offering 1 year guarantee. Location in Florida.

2.  Welplex clinic

This clinic provides Anticholinergic Block Method using medicine formula of atropine and scopolamine. Similar to AMI they will give you prescription medication after shot for prolong the treatment. They provide support too. You can find welplex franchise clinic in Tampa (Florida); Charleston, SC.; Charlotte, NC; Augusta, GA.

3.  Quit 1-2-3 clinic

They provide The Quit 1-2-3® Stop Smoking Treatment includes the doctor’s office visit and consultation, the needle-free injection, the follow-up medications you’ll take at home, the behavior change program to help you break the day-to-day habit, treatment follow-up and ongoing support, and lifetime re-treatment if necessary. Location in Florida.

4.  Medical Stop Smoking Center

They use scopolamine and atarax. Lifetime guarantee. Location in Cleveland, Atlanta.

5.  One Care Medical Center (www.medical-stop-smoking-center.com)

Address: 1125 East 17th Street, Suite W-130
Santa Ana, Orange County, CA 92701
Contact :  phone: 1-877-54-MYDOC or 714-558-8033 | Email: onecaremc@gmail.com

Owner :  Hua Zeng & Louetta Westphal M.D.
Physicians: Louetta Westphal M.D. and James Lin M.D.

Before take the stop smoking injections treatment at these clinics, educate your self completely about this help. Take consideration about location of clinics, quality, comparing. Try to look someone who already succeed with this method and consult with your physician.

For you who need more information for the location of these clinics you can open the “Available Quit Smoking Clinics” page.

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