Stop smoking shot is probably the best treatment to help you quit smoking cigarettes and shed starving for nicotine. An available quit smoking clinic claims that success rate (quit rate) of this method is above 70% (or between 70-80%) for smokers who aren’t smoking after one year of treatment.

Compared to NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), quit smoking hypnosis, herbals, anti-depressant (Zyban), pills and laser treatment, quit smoking shot is the most successful method.

How does it work?

This smoking cessation technique uses the “injection” of a drug formula which is injected into behind of the ear, buttock or hip. The word injection is also known as “shot”. This substance then will flows in the blood circulation. When it arrives in the brain, it will block nicotine receptors sites and help ease the physical withdrawal of smoking. Overall it will reduce¬†significantly the addiction of nicotine.

What is the substance used in this method?

A clinic known as AMI Stop Smoking clinic uses scopolamine and atarax as the formula. Scopolamine known as ingredients for seasickness patch while atarax is anti-hystamin. This medicine has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Association). Another clinic known as Welplex Clinic uses atropine and scopolamine. They method called as Anticholinergic Block Method. Those medicines are safe for medication and anti addictive.

How much injection I will have until I quit smoking?

Usually it takes only one shot, but if there is a necessary in a particular situation after a check-up of the patient’s condition,¬† one or two shot will probably be required as addition. But it’s rare. On average it’s only one.

Does it help much?

Combine with clinical support, discussion forum, conference call, staff support like AMI clinics do. They achieve 70-80% quit rate. According to this success rate, although the cost for this aid is more expensive than other methods, it is something that you may consider to make your life healthy. If you compare the price of one or two packs of cigarette that you consume everyday with this method, you will be amazed by what a lower the program’s cost which will help you in six or twelve months ahead.

You can claim the expense for this aid to your insurance company. Some of them will approve and paying for. Just check and contact them.

You should take into consideration this stop smoking shot treatment to try before it’s too late.

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