Welplex stop smoking clinics are clinics which provide stop smoking shot treatment plus behavioral therapy. They have several clinic or network in franchise system. Most of them located in United State of America (USA). Example: in Tampa Florida, You can check them in available clinics page in this website.

They use a method called “Anticholinergic Blockade” in their shot to stop smoking treatment. They use two medicine : scopolamine and atropine in a formula. If you don’t know quit smoking shot, I can explain  briefly here. This treatment using a formula of drugs (scopolamine/atarax or scopolamine/atropine) which injected or shot in to the body behind ear, hip or buttocks. The substance of this medicine spread to all over the body, when it is in the brain it will blocks the nicotinic receptor to feel nicotine.  After that you will stop cravings for nicotine. Followed by oral medication for two weeks you will have the change to be free from your nicotine addiction if combined with support program and your determination. Again the main factor to success is your strong will, period.

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This is an excerpt from their website:

“Our Guarantee: In a Retrospective Study performed by Welplex (see clinical studies) we concluded that 88% of patients treated with our patented protocol remained smoke free after 60 days and 56% remained smoke free after one year.  Should you start to smoke within a one year period, our doctors will treat you one additional time for free (follow up prescriptions not included).  Patients will only have to pay a $45.00 office visit charge. You have nothing to lose but your habit. So make the call today!. For your convenience, patients are seen in the evening hours. Please be sure to have someone come with you to drive you home. You may eat lightly before treatment. Don’t worry, it is normal for your consumption of cigarettes to increase as your appointment time draws closer. It will not make any difference how much you are smoking when you arrive at the clinic.”

Related to government patent issue they stated on their website (excerpt):

“Our Treatment Method has been issued a United States Government Patent. Unlike nicotine patches, gums, inhalers or antidepressants (Zyban), our treatment method directly blocks nicotine receptor sites, thereby providing immediate relief from the torment of nicotine withdrawal.
When you reference The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (Ninth Edition – Chapter 7), you will note: the medications that directly block nicotine receptor sites are atropine and scopolamine. Both are in a classification of medications known as anticholinergics. These medications have been around in medicine since the mid-1800s and have a variety of uses.
When you block nicotine receptor sites, you replace the effects that nicotine has in the body. Therefore, there are no cravings for nicotine or withdrawal symptoms. More importantly, because there is no increased demand for nicotine receptor sites, due to nicotine stimulation, the body’s natural chemistry will revert back to that of a non-smoker. These medications are, in themselves, non-addictive. We have developed the precise combination of anticholinergics that allows patients to quit smoking without the usual withdrawal symptoms.
U.S. Government Patent Issued: The facilities director, Paul J. Hudson, has dedicated himself to the research and treatment of tobacco dependency since 1986. While universities and other scientific organizations seek to document the precise process of tobacco dependency, Mr. Hudson, along with licensed physicians, have focused on the practical applications of treating the addiction. Based on clinical experience, with thousands of patients participating, the patent encompasses the best that medical science has to offer for the treatment of nicotine addiction.
In addition to the chemical disturbances at nicotinic receptor sites there are noted chemical changes in the medial forebrain bundle. This is commonly known as the Reward Center of The Brain. Nicotine stimulates the release of the chemical Dopamine in this region. This encourages the continuation of a behavior, giving the psychological aspect of nicotine addiction both a physical and behavioral side. With the use of pharmocotherapies and specifically designed behavioral modification techniques, we can effectively address all three areas of nicotine addiction. Statistically, this three sided approach produces the highest levels of success with the lowest rates of recidivism.”

To treat psychological aspect of nicotine dependency this clinic offers behavioral therapy with “Changing Attitudes to Last a Lifetime” protocol. They use use a simple three step behavior modification program:
* Step One: Interrupt Physical and Emotional Routines
* Step Two: Experience Physical Pleasure of Not Smoking
* Step Three: Experience Emotional Pleasure of Not Smoking

I invite anyone who had success with this kind of treatment to quit at this clinic to send testimonial here in the comment form. I thought it will give a different point of view which may be useful for the others especially smokers who want to take care of their health and start to quit lighting cigarettes.

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